About Me

I’m Catherine Bamber, an artist based in Surrey, UK known for her black dot drawings.

Back in 2020 when a virus *that will not be named* was keeping us all inside, I found myself back at my parents home with a lot of time of my hands. I decided to start creating art to sell and see if there was any interest. Almost four years later, I'm still muddling on...

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You may know me as 'Bamber Prints' as I worked under this brand name since 2020. I recently decided to rebrand under my own name to keep it more personal and allow myself to experiment in more styles.

My art focuses on my dot drawings, which have become my signature style over the past few years. I also like to paint and upcycle my second hand finds. I hope my work can be a reason to smile, whether you connect to my art yourself, buy for a friend or simply scroll through my social media.

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