The Eco-Conscious Approach of my Small Paper Product Business

I’m writing this blog post because I believe that businesses should be more transparent with their customers to help them make informed decisions when choosing where to shop. Months of research went into finding my suppliers and picking materials before I opened my shop so that I could start the business on the right foot.

The Eco-Conscious Approach of my Small Paper Product Business

I do want to caveat this blog by saying that I’m in no way perfect, I don’t have all the answers but this post will take you through the decisions I have made. I want you to know, as my customers, that sustainability is always at the forefront of my mind when designing new products and sourcing materials for them. I often research better practices and look for ways to improve, suggestions are always welcome on this too! All of the below is correct at the time of writing this blog post, for the most updated information please refer to my sustainability policy. 


Being a small business that predominantly specialises in paper products, it was very important to me to get this part right! I took a lot of time before launching my business researching paper! If you have a business like mine you’ll know just how many different types are out there. I tried lots of samples looking at paper weight, quality, colour and sustainability credentials. For my art prints and greeting cards (that I print myself), I decided on a 100% recycled 300gsm card from Eco-Craft. The paper is 100% recycled and recyclable and is made from post-consumer waste sourced from the EU. My greeting cards are sold with one 100% recycled kraft brown envelope, also made from post-consumer waste. 


The Eco-Conscious Approach of my Small Paper Product Business


For products which I outsource printing, like notepads, wrapping paper etc. I choose recycled paper or FSC Certified paper. 

Pom-Pom Prints

My pride and joy! I loved designing these and am so proud of them. I spent a long time researching different types of yarn for my pom-poms (my textiles A-level came in handy here 😅). Acrylic yarn does seem to make the best pom-poms and is the cheapest to buy, but I knew I wanted to stay away from it as it isn’t environmentally friendly. I tested lots of different eco-friendly yarns and narrowed it down to either organic cotton or wool. Unfortunately, organic cotton didn’t make the best pom-poms - it doesn’t spring back like wool, so if you poked or pressed on the pom-pom it left a dent, which would be a problem for me when packaging and posting the prints. It also didn’t give the same fluffy, full pom-pom look that I love.



So I decided to use 100% wool. Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. Ideally, I’d love to use 100% British wool but have found it hard to source it in the right colours. I’m aware it is not vegan and so I will keep researching and testing as more environmentally friendly yarns are created. To attach my pom-poms to the prints I use hot glue from a glue gun. This is an area that I’m trying to research further and improve on. I did find one eco-friendly glue (I believe it’s the only one that exists!) but it was made for paper and so wasn’t strong enough to attach the pom-poms. 


Most of my printing is done by me at home which is great as it means I can print to order and produce less waste. For the products I outsource, I try to order smaller quantities and any waste is recycled or upcycled. Last Christmas, some of my wrapping paper got damaged in the post from my supplier and couldn’t be sold. I could have recycled it but decided to make it into origami Christmas decorations which I sold at markets or gifted to friends and family! 


The only photo I could find of the origami paper ornaments



I’m proud to say I don’t use any plastic in my packaging. Everything I use can be recycled or reused. The vast majority of my suppliers also use recycled packaging and if not, I make sure I re-use it or dispose of it properly (and will contact them or look for a different supplier). 

My stickers are also printed onto 100% recycled paper so they can be recycled with the rest of my packaging.

The Future

As I said, I’m not perfect and there are areas for improvement within my business. I’m guilty of getting over-excited about a new product idea and wanting to order everything at once to make it 🙈. But I really am passionate about it and will always look for better eco-alternatives and continue to be transparent with my customers. If you ever have any questions, please ask!

Thanks for reading!
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