10 of My Favourite Places to Buy Picture Frames for all Budgets

Hello! One of my most frequently asked questions is what frames I’d recommend and where I buy them. So in this blog post, I thought I’d list my 10 favourite places to look for picture frames and ones I’ve personally bought. I’ve tried to include a range of small businesses and high street shops whilst keeping all budgets in mind. 

*I should say this post is in no way affiliated with the brands mentioned (I wish!)* 

Frames From Small Businesses

1. Etsy

Starting off strong with one to support small businesses. Etsy is a great place to find frames as there’s a huge selection from basic white/black/wooden frames to really unique, handmade frames. My top tip for shopping for heavier items on Etsy is to set the shop location to ‘UK only’ in the filters so you won’t incur large shipping or customs fees. 

Frame from EnglandandCo on Etsy

The frame most people ask questions about is the magnetic hanging frame that I use in all photographs of my Pom-Pom prints and I bought it on Etsy from a shop called EnglandandCo! I’ve since bought a few items from this seller and would highly recommend them. They’re great quality and the price is really reasonable for a quality, handmade frame (I think).

2. Trouva

Another great one for shopping small whilst also supporting independent brick-and-mortar shops is Trouva. I’ve bought a lot of gifts from here and they have a lot of really unique and fun frames. 

Second Hand Frames

3. Charity Shops

My favourite option is shopping for frames at charity shops as I love a good rummage! I’ve bought frames for as little as 50p and you’ll find the most unique pieces in all shapes and sizes. My top tip is to look past the photo/painting inside as you don’t have to keep it and sometimes they have unique and good mounts. I really love the look of gallery walls with a mix of modern and vintage frames and charity shops would be a great place for the vintage/antique frames.

Gallery wall with vintage frames

Photo from Pinterest of a gallery wall mixing vintage and modern frames

4. Car Boot Sales

For all the same reasons as above!

5. Upcycle

This one links well with the last recommendation because you can easily upcycle second-hand frames if you’re not a fan of the colour or just want to give them a spruce-up. I’ve done this a lot recently to use up some old paint tester pots and to save some money! 

A frame I recently upcycled by painting it with checkerboards

I recently upcycled this old IKEA frame as I’d had it for years but never loved the colour. I’m so happy with how it turned out and it didn’t cost me a penny. I’ve also painted a few frames of my mums that she no longer needed and I have a pile to upcycle from charity shops as I can’t seem to leave a good frame behind...

High Street Frame Shops


A lot of my frames are from IKEA as who can leave that place without a candle, plant or frame… It's not the most original but I find some of their frames look more expensive than they are, especially the HOVSTA and RIBBA ranges.

7. George at Asda

The A2 flower prints in my living room are framed with frames from George. If I’m honest, the quality isn’t great but I do like how they look up on the wall and bigger frames can be so expensive. 

I used frames from George for these flower prints

8. H&M

I have a few photo frames from H&M - they’re good for simple, modern frames.

9. Oliver Bonas

I’ve never actually bought a frame from here but I have often lusted over their picture frames. I think they’d be great for gifts and I’ve actually saved a few for inspiration for future upcycling projects…


10. Pinterest

Not exactly a shop, but a great place to look for inspiration on frames, gallery walls and upcycling projects. A lot of the posts tag the item so you can shop as well now but the ones I always love are the most expensive ones (typical)…




I hope this post has helped give you an idea of where to look for frames and maybe even inspired your own rummage of a charity shop or upcycling project. Please let me know in the comments if you have any other favourite places to shop for frames! 

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Thanks for reading!


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